Team building games has definitely become a more approachable game genre for the virtual reality communities. The immersiveness of using virtual reality with team building games, makes the overall user experience better when you are talking about playing a CO-OP game or a multiplayer based game “MMO, MMORPG ” . With the upgrades and new features that virtual reality has provided, there are numerous Team building games available for the public, The list below shows the top 5 most immersive games for VR team building.


5. Orbus VR Reborn

Orbus VR Reborn is a MMORPG that lets you and your teammates discover a massive open world, its filled with a variety of quests, group raids and social events within the game, including cooking, fishing and much more, The possibilities of interaction between you and friends are diverse, allowing you to swing swords, gun shooting, harvesting ingredients and even magic casting. The game is embedded with a concept of team building playthrough, as the players are required to form groups of different skills elements in order to complete dungeons and raids, the unit must work as a group in order to clear levels using the concept of getting involvement by each and every member of the group, the classes and tools are unique and they can be use differently, In team building games you are required to work as a team to achieve a certain aspect of the game, and that’s essentially what ORBUS VR Reborn do. A massive open world full of quests that was embedded for VR team building concept, using the immersiveness of a MMORPG game into a massive vr experiences with loads of team building aspects.



PAYDAY2 was originally built as a non VR game, the VR version came shortly after as the game had great success. The game itself consists of a bank heist where you and 3 of your teammates are given a mission to enter a bank or a designated location and get all the money out before the police get their hands on you and your teammates. The game works as a team building foundation for the core of the gameplay, as it’s required for the team entering the bank to work together to achieve the end goal, players divide tasks so the assault goes smoothly, this stimulates the division of tasks , which ultimately results in completing the mission. If everyone is focused on doing the same task the mission is most likely to fail as there are core parts of the game mechanics that need to be covered throughout the mission.


3. The Forest

As survivors of a plane crash you find yourselves in a mysterious forest, battling to stay alive against a society of cannibalism mutants, and why not do it with your friends, the first release of the game was built for PC only, as popularity gotten bigger for this game for their realistic survival traits the game was later constructed for virtual reality, it uses the concept of survival, building, construction, and fighting for your life. The gameplay allows you and your party to play through a VR team building experience which incorporates a survival strategy to prevent any members of the party from dying. The has a backstory that develops as the players investigate the island and its surroundings, the division of work is necessary in order to survive as resources can be quite chaotic to get your hands on. The forest gives a session of team work needed as you don’t want to risk your getting eaten by cannibals.


2. Phasmophobia

You have been hired to find out and stop the ghost from haunting a certain a location, as member of the party your job is to investigate the the surroundings of the house and discover what type of ghost you are dealing with, but be careful, the ghost will try kill you. Phasmophobia has been a huge success since its launching date, you can play up with a party number of 4 players in total giving you more diversity when approaching the discovery of the haunted location. The game requires you to get members of your party involved in order to successfully complete the mission, each member of the group can carry up to 3 items that have different purposes when exploring the inside of the haunted location, This consists of a core of team building aspects as you would have to communicate precisely with your teammates in order to keep everyone alive within the haunted space. The idea is to get people involved to prevent casualties.


1. Keep talking and nobody explodes

Keep talking and nobody explodes consists of “precise” communication to say the least. The game has communication as its core for completing the levels. Team building is about actions that are performed during a game that is later transformed into a trust bond between the members of the team to complete an action, and that’s essentially what this game is composed of, An immersive experience where both players are set to work together for a VR team building exercise. The 2 sets of players are put into a situation where they must disarm a bomb in order to stay alive, One person deals with the manual of how to defuse the bomb without actually seeing how the bomb looks like, on the other side you have the person whos dealing with the bomb with multiple wires and buttons to be pressed but has no clue of how to operate as there are no instructions oh how to do it. They must work together in order to give precise descriptions of what they see and how they can disarm the bomb before the time goes off. This is a perfect example of how 2 people must work together to achieve the same ending goal, which has team building as one of its main cores.

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