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VR Leadership Training

VR Leadership Training

Our Learning and development team has had extensive experience developing leadership programmes for many organisations during their careers, they now apply this experience and knowledge to our leadership development VR experiences and our leadership VR platform.

We offer unique and engaging leadership training that stretches and develops leaders in completely new ways not possible with conventional training.

Important to us is also the identification and development of leadership potential in all, so that teams in their entirety can practice leadership and develop the confidence to lead when necessary, not just their line manager or dominant individuals in a group.

Leadership training the VRE way.

VR leadership development using a unique leadership VR platform

Our leadership training is delivered using a unique VR platform designed from the ground up for this purpose, as a result we are able to develop leaders in new ways through introducing them to completely novel situations far removed from traditional leadership training.

Our platform also allows us to assess behaviours effectively and in ways that could never be captured in conventional training.

Dovetail VR leadership with your existing leadership programmes

We can also tailor our VR leadership training to fit with your existing leadership programmes, creating new exercises where required and amending existing ones where necessary.

Combining learning & development with the latest in technology

An important part of making VR learning possible is using the right technology, in this rapidly changing sector this currently means high resolution Vive Pro Wireless.

This hardware will be constantly changed and updated as the technology rapidly progresses, with our team looking at how each new element of hardware can improve the learning experience.

We believe leadership training should be fun

Developing leadership potential doesn’t have to be a hard grind, using VR we are able to create compelling scenarios that are fun, engage and draw the team in. Our platform hides some of its true purpose behind a narrative driven linked set of challenges, which the team has to solve to succeed in their mission within a tight timeframe.

Flexible delivery locations.

Suitable for smaller groups of up to 16 our leadership VR training can be delivered anywhere in Europe or Asia (from Singapore). Our experienced Business Psychologists will facilitate and run your leadership training sessions and also work with you to plan and design any specific requirements for your training session and your delegates.

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