Bring your induction programmes alive.

Head office inductions can now be made less dry and more interactive and engaging through the use of VR training.

Inductions often demonstrate very poor training transfer due to how this important information is traditionally delivered using mediums such as using power point presentations. Effective trainers will always try and create discussion to improve this but imagine instead actually asking your delegates to vacate the building in a VR fire simulation and tracking the decisions each person makes and then exploring their behaviours as a group.

This is the future of induction training, this is VR.

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A blended approach to learning

We have a VR induction programme that covers key induction areas such as general office security/cyber security, fire safety/fire evacuation and slips trips and falls.

These key modules allow organisations to deliver important training subjects in a way that brings these subjects alive, with these modules easily blended with existing induction offer a blended approach to training.

Measure and track

Our data platform allows you to track completions on all modules for each employee and also analyse and investigate time taken and patterns in answers for any important areas you wish to emphasise.

These VR modules can also be used at the end of existing training to assess the effectiveness of current training programmes and also fill in any gaps to amend behaviours that were not correct during the simulation. Thus VR training can also act as a final sense check about what we would do a more practical environmental assessment.


Amend to fit your building or add special requirements.

We can also bespoke these assessments to suit your own particular organisational requirements, thus could be using a replica of your building so to aid orientation in th simulated environments.

We can also add in additional hazards or challenges that may be unique to your particular business or sector.

Other modules

We have other modules being developed on a continual basis with upcoming modules including:

Harassment and bullying
Workstation set up and safety

If any of these modules are of interest feel free to give us a call and we can tell you when these modules are due to be delivered.

Convenient and flexible delivery options

We build our VR training modules on multiple platforms, allowing for easy delivery and use for large induction groups using mobile VR. Through to more high resolution systems which may be set up in a dedicated VR training room for smaller groups or individuals to complete their training during flexible slots throughout the day.