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Virtual Events from Home or Remote Locations

Virtual reality and mixed reality present some interesting ways to allow us to collaborate in meetings and also experience events in a more personal way that traditional mediums like teleconferencing do not allow.

We offer a range of services to allow companies to hold VR or XR meetings allowing individuals to still feel connected to their teams and colleagues.

We also offer options that facilitate larger scale events either in virtual spaces or as a 360 livestream.

We provide the hardware and consultancy support to enable you to pilot any of these options below at your organisation or event.

VR Events, Bring Your World Together

We support companies around the world to bring their teams together in an incredibly immersive way. International organisations have worked with us to create inspiring events to celebrate company milestones at a time when bringing people together from so many countries can seem impossible.

VR Events, bringing your teams across cities, countries, continents, time zones together in the same amazing space.

VR Events the VRE way.

Even Better Than The Real Thing

VR Events offer possibilities way beyond that of conventional events, delegates can see each other, shake hands, communicate as naturally as in the real world but can also do so much more.

Imagine an event venue that transports you to different locations at the press of a button, a stunning mountain retreat to an alien world to a futuristic convention centre in seconds. This flexibility can bring whole new perspectives to events, giving the hosts scope to create truly imaginative experiences that just cannot be replicated in the real world.

VR Team Building For Company Parties Online

Save Time, Money, Travel, The Envrionment, Make it a VR Event or VR Conference

There are other compelling reasons for using VR for your events, delegates often travel long distances, sometimes internationally to attend company events. With a VR event there are many cost savings, from the direct costs of travel, hotels, food to indirect costs of time with employees losing significant amounts of both personal and work time to travel to events.

To attend your VR Event they only need minutes to prepare, they attend, they take their headset off and go back to a break or whatever they want to work on. Giving employees more time back for a balanced lifestyle, flexibility to attend more events in this convenient way and very significant cost savings, all while attending an improved and engaging event experience with significant cost savings.

Talk to us now for a VR Event Demo Experience.

VR Events Give Hosts Special Powers

Our clients love their events in VR, one of the reasons for this is they have total control over the event, more so than the real world. They can import and control media instantly, run Q&A’s with all the delegates with complete control over microphones for all attendees and who can attend the stage area.

We train all our client’s event hosts to make sure they can make the most of their VR Event super powers.

Experts in Logistics

We are experts in logistics, we have to be as we have run events with delegates from all over the world, China, India, USA, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, Lebanon, Brazil, Columbia, Germany, France, Canada and many more.

We ship your VR headsets with return labels, after the event our logistics team arrange a convenient time and date for collection of the VR headset, no fuss, no hassle and extremely convenient.

Our Orientation Team

Key to any VR Event is the work by our dedicated orientation team, to ensure everyone has a great experience the work they do is key to event success. They will arrange a 1:1 with each of your delegates to ensure they are comfortable with the equipment and know how to use it on the big day.

We know how to get less tech familiar delegates happy with the experience and comfortable moving round and interacting with others, so they enjoy the truly collaborative nature of this amazing technology.

VR Team Building Services UK


We have guided and advised our clients from the very beginning of their event planning, we demo, explain and show them the full potential of what can be done for their events.

If you would like to truly expand your event experiences this coming year then talk to us and we will be happy to show you how VR events work with no obligation as we firmly believe when it comes to VR then seeing is believing.

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