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Metaverse Options For Your Company

What is the Metaverse?

There are many versions of the “Metaverse” being presented by many different companies, all hoping to be the first to dominate this space. Current offerings allow guests to work, relax, buy products, purchase retail property, access training, create art, meet friends but all in their own ecosystems.

There are a bewildering array of “Metaverse” platforms and we can help companies navigate this virtual metaverse domain advising on the correct “Metaverse” solution for your needs and corporate aims.

Metaverse Consulting

We can help you make sense of this new opportunity, companies are wondering if they should be in this space, or need to be in this space, we can help you explore and then make this decision.

Expert Guidance

We can showcase the various platforms, their strengths and functionalities, we can walk you through the various options and experience them first hand – in VR.

Hardware Choices

We can demonstrate the now rapidly expanding range of hardware, from Meta Quest Pro to Pico 4 and many others, so you can match up the right Metaverse experience with the right hardware experience for your needs.

We have worked closely with Virtual Reality Experiences on having an executive group meeting in VR. Despite being VR users ourselves before, we were impressed by VRE’s expertise running such experiences at scale. We also embraced their suggestions on what type of demos shall we use to make sure that first time users of VR will get an amazing memorable experience while at the same time understand the clear enterprise use cases of such applications.


Remus Radvan, Head of Scouting and Venture Capital Ecosystem at Wayra UK, Telefonica’s venture arm.

If you would like to see what the Metaverse could offer your company then get in touch and we can help.

Metaverse Events

To run truly global Metaverse events you need global reach, that’s why we have hubs in the US, EU, UK and across Asia. We have delivered incredibly immersive VR events across the world with delegates able to meet as if they were in the same room.

Times since the coronavirus outbreak have proved to be challenging, especially for geographically dispersed teams. Moreover, online conferencing has become the new normal. This got us to question and challenge: How can we bring our project team dispersed across 10+ countries together to celebrate the achievement of an important milestone?

This is when we sought out new means of collaboration and chose Virtual Reality Experiences (VRE) to support us in organizing a first-of-its-kind Virtual Reality Event within our function.

With their expertise, we were able to create a new immersive experience for our team by organizing a corporate-themed conference in VR along with fun and interactive team-building activities whilst learning about the future potential of mixed reality experiences. Delivering keynote speeches in a fully-customized environment, sharing recognition, playing team paintball, and even eating pizza ‘virtually’ were some of our highlights!

Moreover, given that this was the first VR experience for most of us, their hands-on support for the onboarding, set-up, and training on the headset was seamless over and above managing the shipment of the headsets to worldwide participants within a two-week timeframe across the globe.

Thank you Mark, Ros, Camila, Alex, Jordan, and the wider VRE Team for making our first virtual team-building experience a memorable one!

Nadia EL Houari, Global Head of New Products Introduction at BAT

Metaverse Applications

Metaverse Property

JP Morgan, Snoop Dog and PwC to name a few all own property in the Metaverse, we can help you explore the reasons why.

Metaverse Embassy

Barbados declared in 2021 that they were going to open an embassy in the Metaverse, the world’s first.

Metaverse Retail

Several brands have already opened in the Metaverse, Benetton, Nike for example have already set up stores.

Metaverse for Business

Business is already happening in the Metaverse, with a range of platforms allowing collaboration, ideation sessions and general updates.

Metaverse Events

The perfect place for large scale remote events, when you cannot fly everyone to the same location.

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