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VR Escape Rooms

Virtual Reality Team Building with VR Escape Rooms

VRE offer cutting-edge VR Escape Room experiences for VR team building events, this can be used for fun team building days or as part of developmental work with teams helping them understand how they work.

Nothing connects you more with others than shared experiences. By immersing your team in a memorable adventure with the pressure of a ticking clock, it is possible to stretch them in new challenging ways, far beyond traditional team building. Offering challenges that improve team understanding and developing leadership across all team members, not just the usual suspects.

Why VR Escape Room for Team Building?

In recent years Escape Rooms have been gaining popularity all over the world. The types of escape rooms offered are endless – you can have adventures with your team in complete fantasy locations that are amazing in scope. VR team building activities like are extremely fun, engaging and give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in situations that are not possible to recreate in the real world.

Escape rooms in Virtual Reality are also more engaging and more entertaining than traditional training methods with this extra engagement being key to drawing out the teams behaviours and working preferences when solving problems and overcoming challenges.

How does it work?

Each member of the team will wear their own headset, so they are all immersed in the same virtual room and environment. The team will receive some instructions and sometimes there is deliberate ambiguity, just as there is in real life.

Teams have to demonstrate a number of competencies to be able to escape such as:

  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Collaboration/team working

Moreover, none of the members of the team will be able to work completely on their own so collaboration is essential.

If required experienced Business Psychologists can observe the team and feedback on each member as well as the whole group, if developmental goals are part of the fun VR team building.

Additional Information

The activity can be run for up to 4 players per team.
We can provide the experience either on site or our location.

The duration of the activity can range between 15 to 60 minutes.

Virtual Reality Hire

We also provide the full range of VR hire for all occasions and events, and can provide staffing, equipment, content and a range of other team building options including our new VR team building products below.

Larger scale corporate VR Team Building

We also have extensive experience running virtual reality team building for companies in the UK and Europe and have a wide range of options to cater for even large groups sizes.

We can offer solutions that work for events up to 100 people, for even larger group sizes we can offer non VR options that allow us to break the cohorts down to smaller sizes for VR + another activity.

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