Tilt Brush Artists for Your VR Event

Virtual Reality. Presenting new mediums for creativity and self-expression.

Virtual reality is making waves with a new generation of digital artists around the world.

They love the way VR brings together the intuitive feel of traditional art mediums, with the many advantages of working digitally.

Tilt Brush (from Google) is a stunning virtual reality application that lets users create beautiful digital paintings in three dimensions.

Enabling experienced artists and novices alike to quickly begin creating in the virtual world, Tilt Brush turns your room into a 3D canvas and provides digital painters with an endless range of art tools and creative possibilities.

Talented Artists to Inspire Your Guests

VRE are excited to bring our professional artists to your event. We set them up with a cutting-edge VR system, then have them live paint in virtual reality while your attendees enjoy their progress on the big screen.

Below is a brief preview of some work created in Tilt Brush by Patrick and Rosie, two of our resident VR artists.

Our experienced professional artists can quickly sketch up a scene, taking advantage of all three dimensions, while your audience is able to watch them move around the VR artwork on the big screen.

A modern and sophisticated addition to your event that will leave your guests inspired and talking about the future of technology and art.

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