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Develop Key Soft Skills in Your Organisation, at Convenient Home or Office Locations

In the rapidly changing world we live in it is even more important to keep staff developed, to keep them growing, engaged and motivated as they meet new challenges in their roles.

We are the pioneers in the delivery of training courses through VR, our backgrounds in learning & development and psychology mean we deliver soft skills training incorporating the latest thinking in academic fields and research, all through the medium of VR.

The magic of this technology means two key things happen during the delivery of our VR Soft Skills training, delegates learn key new skills in a very immersive environment, using media and functionality not available in the real world to create an incredibly engaging learning experience.

The second thing that happens with our VR Soft Skills Training is delegates get to connect with colleagues in a way they have never done before, they are able to work and learn with colleagues across other continents simultaneously. So much so we build in special time on our courses for colleagues to reconnect and build relationships with colleagues as they are always surprised at the feeling of “being in the same space with them” and they always make the most of this opportunity.

Welcome to VR soft skills training the VRE way.

How Does It Work?

Our VR soft skills training allows us to offer high impact half day training courses that focus on delegates being able to practice with others and apply learning from earlier sessions. Our courses are design to be delivered in VR but delegates get to interact with others in completely normal ways, they can shake hands, work alongside each other, present, role play and even draw concepts in the air around them, all while working remotely at home or office locations.

We send the headsets to your delegates to their home or work address, every delegate then has a set up call with our orientation team to make sure they are ready for the training day.

Focusing on the opportunity to practice is key for training transfer, so for some courses there may be some short pre-course materials, this allows us to focus on the more practical aspects of the training and leverage the amazing connection and collaborative experiences that our technology allows.

Our VR Soft Skills Training

We are able to offer a broad range of soft skills training drawn from our team’s long experience in L&D. Everything we deliver is grounded in sound theory and knowledge using the latest academic thinking.

Download our training brochure to see what courses we can run remotely for your teams all over the world.

We also offer bespoke training and have extensive experience in developing training for niche skills or knowledge. Our brochure covers typical soft skills areas, but if you don’t see your desired course listed please talk to us and we will be happy to develop something for you grounded in science and focused on engagement and practice.

VR Soft Skills Training Offers Total Engagement

Our experience in VR training has shown us some key and surprising differences when compared to traditional training, one of these being the higher level of engagement, so much so both our training team and often our delegates express a preference for training in this way.
Delegates are completely immersed in the training environment, we have 100% of their attention, no distractions are present and they are totally focused on what their peers are saying and doing. Another reason for this total engagement is delegates have much more control over the training environment and can interact with others in additional ways not possible in a “real” training room, this sense of control and extended functionality drives learning even more effectively than in the real world.
In years to come, traditional training rooms will seem quite limited in comparison.

Welcome to total engagement in your Soft Skills Training.

Check out some of our client reactions below.

Are your learners tired of MS Teams? Mine were… thus we engaged and designed a VR Experience to uplift the engagement , providing Team bonding events, deliver a fun environment, something new that does not bore the learner and feel safe to practice skills we used to deliver in-person settings. Personally was excited to see the survey results delivered by VRE where the learners reported a higher engagement and practice to previous classes.

Delivery of the googles and technical set-up was smooth, which was critical for our Global learners not to lose interest in the experience.

Note to other Learning Leaders… give it a try and build an experience journey rather than a one time class so the learner feels comfortable with the googles, platform and their avatar.

Andrea Ainsworth, Global Learning Leader, GE Healthcare

We wanted to do something really different and memorable for our graduate assessments and VRE worked with us to provide an assessment tool that would create the opportunity to see our graduate candidates operating in a much more ‘real’ environment than traditional graduate selection tools enable.

The virtual reality exercise allowed the assessors to see the candidate’s real behavioural preferences and having access to feedback from a Business Psychologist on the candidate’s performance was really helpful in allowing the manager’s to process their thoughts and add another feedback lens. Our candidates were really positive about the virtual reality experience and it was very much a talking point for all the candidates.

We believe it really helped enable us to stand out against other graduate assessment centres

Suzanne Bray, HR Business Partner, Convexin

VRE worked with us to deliver a fantastic learning experience for our team members. Using VR, they enabled us to offer remote training which let our team feel as if they were together in the same place. We had so much positive feedback, including: “It was powerful learning, a great opportunity for feedback and really realistic.” I’m delighted with the transference of learning back into work, with participants seeing positive changes in their teams because of the new coaching skills they have learnt.

I think it’s so important that learning professionals understand the value of experiential learning in a digital environment and seek opportunities to enhance their development options with VR.

Richard Stockill (CPsychol, AFBPS), Executive Coach and Talent Lead, Homebase

Stonegate partnered with Virtual Reality to deliver some very different, very engaging coaching and also mentoring sessions. The VR tool ensures the training is extremely immersive, varied and absorbing; the feedback from our attendees was 100% positive it felt like we had been together face to face all day’ which, in the times of pandemic, was very welcome feedback.

We particularly liked the video, whiteboard, ‘any size’ handouts, and the surroundings options.

VRE were brilliant to work with and happy to take suggestions on additional content or changes so that it worked for us.

We plan to use VR more in the future….we are already being asked ‘what next?!’

Lee Woolley, Director of Learning and Organisation Development, The Stonegate Group

VRE provided us an amazing experience from two perspectives:
• Use of virtual reality for meetings and trainings with a lot of resources (post-its, blackboards, presentations) and avatars to improve nonverbal communication having an experience more similar to a presential meeting.
• As Head of Project Management Department, we´re providing a very useful and simple tool as GROW Model for project managers to use coaching techniques with their teams in order to achieve high performance and business results.

Mario Coquillat, Head of IAS Project Management, MTorres Diseños Industriales, SAU

The day spent with VRE was a real treat. It was a novelty to experience the VR headsets and to feel like I was actually in the same room as my team mates (a particular treat when in the depths of lockdown). I was blown away by how ‘real’ it felt once wearing the headset. You are completely transported to another world.

It wasn’t just the new technology that made our session great, VRE structured our day in a way which allowed us to use the functionalities of the headset to really enhance our learning and understanding of the topic at hand. Using our virtual pens, picking items in our virtual room up with lasers and being able to break out into separate virtual rooms for periods of time, all proved to maintain our atiention in a way which is harder to achieve on a Teams call or even in person. I find myself regularly referring back to our topic for the day: the ‘GROW’ coaching model from which I retained a substantial amount of learning. I believe this was due to the way that Mark and his team utilised the virtual reality technology.

The session left me feeling motivated and excited that corporate learning is moving into a whole new (virtual) dimension. As a digital learning specialist, I found it particularly interesting to compare my overall experience to that of a session on a Teams call or an eLearning. The array of functionalities available on the headsets leaves huge room for creative design of training, something I feel the VRE team pulled off in a professional, fun, and effective way.

Orla Carrigan, Digital Learning Specialist HR, Learning and Development, AXA Ireland

I was excited to experience virtual reality for the first time ever with VRE. As a management development trainer myself, I was intrigued to see how I and a group of our managers would react to a virtual programme, what would the experience be like? What would we gain and lose in comparison to a face-to-face or Teams Session? I have to say that I was delighted at how immersive the experience was, how ideal the environment was for learning, and how skilfully Mark made use of the virtual tools and different facilitation techniques. This was much closer to a face-to-face experience than I had imagined possible and I’m now confident about the potential for virtual learning. Coupled with this, the content of the session coaching skills for managers session was well pitched for a group of new managers, giving them helpful information and most importantly practice, which will help them with their day to day work and real life challenges. I’d easily recommend this session for others.

Judith Flaschmann, Management Development Consultant, House of Commons

The virtual learning and development space is very exciting and has immense potential for skill building, human connections and building teams. When organising a Global Development Seminar for our early career rotational program members, we were looking for a partner who can support us in a number of countries globally with a meaningful offering. We partnered with VRE on coaching and soft skill training and team building activities. VRE was valuable partner on our journey to bring a memorable experience to our team: enhance coaching capabilities and a very contemporary way to enjoy connections. It was a unique first adventure and for sure not the last!

Imola Richards, Talent Leader, GE Steam Power, Global Program Manager HR Leadership Program, GE Corporate

We also offer VR Team Building Services

Our clients often combine their VR soft skills training with our VR team building services as they work well together and help consolidate the building of connections in existing remote teams or new teams that have yet to spend significant time together in a physical space.

During our enforced distancing the past two years it has become even more important for new employees to build these critical relationships that allow them to get things done in their organisation. VR team building can help fill this space.

Talk to us now about building a programme of training and team building for your remote teams.

We Also Offer VR Assessment Services

Our assessment services are used in two ways:

Recruitment and Selection

We also work with companies who want to recruit innovators, forward thinking employees who embrace new ways of doing things.

As a result they use our innovative assessment services, we can offer group assessment at candidates homes in a covid safe environment or at your office in a more typical assessment centre format.

We offer assessment activities drawing on key competencies important to workplace performance, in VR there is a well known disinhibition effect, individuals self-monitor less and will show their true behavioural preferences when leading and working with others.

This allows you a clearer window into understanding who you really are recruiting into your teams and how they will truly behave working with others once they feel established in their roles 6 months later.

Typically we provide a summary of candidates in the wash up at the end of the day, with summaries from psychologists observing in the assessment room and also in the virtual space, a unique combination of behaviours from two perspectives.

Development of Existing Employees

As a development and intervention tool VR can also be hugely powerful in assessing existing teams and how they work together, our psychologists can observe your teams working together and then in a reflection session help them understand how they work, unpick their preferences and use this understanding to be more effective going forwards.

We Also Offer VR Self-Directed Learning

VR soft skills training in a live format allows training to be delivered in a more traditional and engaging way.

For companies that want to scale their training and automate it we can offer self-directed VR soft skills training. This allows large numbers of employees to be trained quickly, easily and at their own pace.

This training utilises the latest in AI and automated feedback, semantic processing via IBM Watson to allow delegates to interact in natural ways in VR scenarios, get instant feedback and practice skills.

Modules available now:

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