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VR Soft Skills Training Directory

VR Soft Skills Training Remotely Anywhere in the World

We offer VR face to face training for teams located all over the world. All the advantages of face to face training with all the advantages of virtual training.

This isn’t Zoom or Teams, your delegates can shake hands, high five and collaborate as if they are in the same room.

This is the biggest surprise when people try VR face to face training for the first time. So much so we build in some time to let them “catch up” before we are able to start the course.

Convenient and Accessible Free VR Hire for Your Training When You Book a Course

We have VR hire hubs located around the world, located in US, EU, China, Singapore and UK, we can deliver to most locations.

We offer free VR hire with any training services booked as we recognise most companies will not have their own yet.

As long as you book one of our training services each month for each delegate they can keep hold of the VR headset. This means you can also use it for other things like team meetings, ideation sessions, company updates and team building.

How Does it Work?

Select 3 of the 90mins courses you would like to book for your teams

We ship the headsets out to their home or office locations

They have a 1:1 orientation session (get them connected to wifi and to learn how to use the headset)

We run the courses on agreed dates/times

Stick the return label on the box lid

Our Logistics teams will do the rest and arrange collection on a convenient day/time for you

Join Some of the Biggest Companies in the World With the VR Face to Face Training Revolution

VRE worked with us to deliver a fantastic learning experience for our team members. Using VR, they enabled us to offer remote training which let our team feel as if they were together in the same place. We had so much positive feedback, including: “It was powerful learning, a great opportunity for feedback and really realistic.”
Richard Stockill (CPsychol, AFBPS), Executive Coach and Talent Lead, Homebase
Stonegate partnered with Virtual Reality to deliver some very different, very engaging coaching and also mentoring sessions. The VR tool ensures the training is extremely immersive, varied and absorbing; the feedback from our attendees was 100% positive it felt like we had been together face to face all day’ which, in the times of pandemic, was very welcome feedback.
Lee Woolley, Director of Learning and Organisation Development, The Stonegate Group
The day spent with VRE was a real treat. It was a novelty to experience the VR headsets and to feel like I was actually in the same room as my team mates (a particular treat when in the depths of lockdown). I was blown away by how ‘real’ it felt once wearing the headset. You are completely transported to another world.
Orla Carrigan, Digital Learning Specialist HR, Learning and Development, AXA Ireland
I have to say that I was delighted at how immersive the experience was, how ideal the environment was for learning, and how skilfully Mark made use of the virtual tools and different facilitation techniques. This was much closer to a face-to-face experience than I had imagined possible and I’m now confident about the potential for virtual learning.
Judith Flaschmann, Management Development Consultant, House of Commons
VRE was valuable partner on our journey to bring a memorable experience to our team: enhance coaching capabilities and a very contemporary way to enjoy connections. It was a unique first adventure and for sure not the last!
Imola Richards, Talent Leader, GE Steam Power, Global Program Manager HR Leadership Program, GE Corporate

Leadership Management

Personal Development

Communication Skills

Mental Health

Managerial skills

Business Skills

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