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About Us

The VR Learning and Development Specialists

VR offers unique opportunities for development and assessment, we have seen this sector grow over the last 10 years and have helped many companies around the world take advantage of the amazing technology and implement it in their organisations.

We support companies through every step of their journey or service requirement to ensure they get the best VR learning or VR assessment solution.

We provide:

  • Consulting and sourcing of existing off the shelf solutions (ours and 3rd party’s)
  • Design and development of custom VR learning or VR assessment solutions
  • Implementation of VR, support with processes, orientations, logistics
  • VR hire from our network of VR Hire hubs located as key locations around the world
  • VR Team Building, onsite or remotely
  • VR Leadership training using our cutting edge in-house VR leadership assessment platform
  • VR Events, keynotes, conferences, all in the “Metaverse”

Based in London, Worldwide in Scope

We work with companies all over the world, our teams have flown to Canada, US, China, Singapore, Africa, most of Europe to deliver in-person VR services.

More commonly now organisations use our remote services, as the world has now gotten used to working remotely and organisations have adopted hybrid of fully remote working or even just want to link international teams, our remote services help facilitate this. Our VR hire hubs located around the world allow us to deliver all of our services remotely to most locations with next day shipping often available.

We help companies link their international teams and remote workers in ways not possible using traditional video conferencing technology. So much so we call our remote services Virtual face to face training, this is because delegates can shake hands, high-five, communicate, collaborate as if they are in the same room. Our own research shows that delegates rate VR face to face training in a very similar way to physical face to face training and vastly prefer it over video conferencing calls.

Whatever the Project, Whatever the Scope We Can Help if It’s VR

So if you have a project in mind or need to explore all the possibilities that VR can offer then feel free to talk to us. We can help you:

  • Test and pilot VR services with small groups to assess it’s effectiveness
  • Run larger pilots or training programmes in VR regardless of where your teams are located
  • Find and source VR products or training for your needs
  • Train your teams in VR so you can bring it all in-house
  • Deliver programmes using our VR hire hub network
  • Design VR training for your training or assessment needs, from the ground up
We love talking about VR so feel free to reach out if you want to discuss any potential projects.

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