Essential H&S training delivered in a modern way

When training team members in critical safety standards, it’s more essential than ever to ensure that training sessions leave a lasting impression.

Yet how many of us have attended health and safety training that was unengaging and forgettable?

Use VR for health and safety training and ensure that your critical message is remembered.

VRE specialises in using virtual reality for training. We offer both pre-made VR training experiences, as well as being able to build a bespoke experience, designed to your exact needs.

Whichever option you choose, your health & safety training will be more impactful through virtual reality.

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VR Health & Training Modules

VR Health and Safety training modules covering key areas for general workplace environments. These multiplatform training modules designed by the VRE team including learning and development and IOSH chartered HS experts allow organisations to deliver engaging and informative H&S training that suits all learning preferences, and improves training effectiveness and most importantly training transfer.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Challenge team members to identify typical hazards in a simulated workplace environment.

After their assessment, learners are guided through anything they missed.

Measure VR training effectiveness, track important behavioural data

We offer a custom built VR learning management system that allows you to track usage of VR modules. It allows companies to see who has completed and when, pass/fail rates where applicable and also managers to drill down into the behavioural data to see trends in training knowledge demonstrated, did all users miss the same important element? leading to useful training feedback to other non-VR courses outside the VR module.

Our system allows us to track all behaviours and can also be customised for specific additional variables important to certain sectors or learning relevant to the client.

Analysis on individual learners, though to departments and whole organisational populations allows training effectiveness to be reviewed and developed at multiple levels.

Fire Safety Awareness

Do you team know what to do in case of a fire?

Teach them how to raise the alarm and evacuate safely, or even how to select and use an appropriate fire extinguisher.

Take things a step further and implement routine testing of key staff as part of your fire management process.


Each of the above modules can be tailored to suit your business. For example, we can model the VR training environment on your office or can add extra features, challenges and options.

Harassment & Bullying

This module raises awareness of the often-subtle forms of bullying that can sometimes occur in the workplace.

Participants travel through a virtual workplace, deciding if each situation they come across constitutes workplace bullying or harassment.

At the end of the experience, we discuss their responses to embed what’s been learned.

Track, Record and Analyse with our VR-LMS

VR offers huge capabilities for recording and analysing training data, with this in mind we developed our VR Learning Management System to allow orgsanisatons to monitor the effectiveness of their VR learning easily and conveniently.

Our system allows you to track completions, pass rates, and also analyse and look for trends in the date, this can answer important questions with reagrds to current knowledge and practice in the training population. Questions that also examine if users all makes the same mistakes, or miss the same steps, perhaps pointing to revisions required in existing non-VR training that supports these modules.

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Why VR for Health & Safety?

Give learners the freedom to fail

Knowing the correct health and safety processes is quite different to knowing why we follow them.
By allowing learners to make mistakes and ignore the processes in a safe virtual world, we allow them to see the potential consequences of those actions.

Simulate high-risk and difficult to access environments, safely

Road traffic, moving trains, working at height. Some work sites can be a dangerous place to train.

On the other hand, classroom-based training can be forgettable and ineffective.

Virtual reality bridges the gap, allowing participants to learn in a safe virtual environment

Train on virtual equipment

Clients in heavy industries such mining and construction are now using virtual reality to train team members in how to use heavy plant equipment.

If your business’ equipment is expensive, potentially hazardous or simply located elsewhere, virtual reality may offer a safer, less expensive way to train.

Assess your team

Virtual reality allows us to track participant’s performance, which has multiple benefits over non-VR based training.

  • Identify which employees have gaps in their knowledge
  • Spot problems with your health and safety processes
  • Target further training at those who need it most
  • Test health and safety process in VR before implementing them in the field
  • Collect behavioural data and run analyses
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Additional Support

Health & Safety Consultancy

Our team includes experienced health and safety consultants who have worked with clients across many business sectors, which means we’re uniquely able to help you with health and safety needs beyond VR training.

We can review your processes and paperwork to ensure that your business is compliant and operating to best practice, as well as using VR to make sure your team implements what’s on paper.

In-House Training

As well as delivering VR-based health and safety training anywhere in the UK or EU, we can also provide long-term VR equipment hire and can teach your team to deliver VR health and safety training in-house.