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Develop Your Team with Virtual Reality
VR Team Building for Learning & Development

Founded by business psychologists and learning and development specialists, Virtual Reality Experiences is uniquely positioned to deliver learning and development programmes powered by virtual reality.

Using cutting-edge VR technology, we’re able to provide one of the most engaging learning and development sessions your team has ever experienced.

Our flexible approach allows us to tailor programmes and events to your specific needs and our VR powered L&D sessions are available anywhere in Europe, Malaysia and Singapore.

VR Team Building

With Just the Right Amount of Learning

Our clients often want to strike a balance between team bonding and learning outcomes with their VR team building days.

That’s why we work closely with clients to gain an understanding of their business and learning objectives – and design a day to meet those needs.

Whether you need a more formal VR team building session with a strong emphasis on key learning objectives, or whether you’d prefer to keep things light whilst still learning along the way, we can deliver an event that fulfils your organisation’s needs.

VR for Groups of All Sizes

Through our experience, VRE has built up a range of VR activities to suit groups of different sizes.

Whether you’re a small team of only 3-4 participants, or a much larger team or company, we can tailor your VR team building event to suit.

Smaller Teams of up to 20

VRE have built our own multiplayer VR experience, which allows up to 4 players to work as a team to solve tricky challenges on a distant planet.

We also offer many other VR and AR experiences that give your team the chance to work together in novel and engaging new ways. These fun challenges are best suited to teams of 20 or less.

For Larger Teams

If your team is bigger than 20, we’ve got a range of carefully selected VR experiences that will challenge your group and encourage their development, while ensuring that everyone gets a turn.

We can even custom build VR experiences for your larger team, designing it to meet your exact specification, compliment your industry and develop the competencies that are important to your business.

Hybrid Events

We can also deliver non-VR powered activities to complement your virtual reality team building experiences.

Our team’s background in learning and development allows us to combine traditional techniques with our cutting-edge VR methodology to create a well-rounded team building day that includes a wider range of activity types.

Case Studies


Santander asked us to host a virtual reality event for 70 of their head office staff as part of their annual offsite day.

During our initial consultation it became clear that the bank was looking for more than just a fun VR experience. We worked closely with them to design a session with learning elements that represented their values and promoted their desired behaviours within the business.

This plan allowed our business psychologists to evaluate to what extent these values and behaviours were demonstrated by participants over the course of the day, with a quantitative summary being presented to the group at the end of the event.

We were able to provide valuable insights into team dynamics, raise awareness of individual strengths and development areas, and uncover departmental trends.

“VRE provided Santander with a fully immersive employee engagement exercise using the latest virtual reality technology. By using VR, we were able to strengthen team relationships in a new, engaging and fun way.”

– Keith Moor, Chief Marketing Officer, Santander


The European Investment Fund required a team building event for 45 of their team members in Luxembourg.

We regularly deliver events in Europe and took the latest VR technology with us to the EIF.

We were able to challenge and engage teams in new ways that would not have been possible with traditional training and saw team members develop more effective communication skills as a result.

Our team delivered multiple sessions throughout the day, with each session complementing the last and reinforcing the desired learning outcomes.

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