Virtual Reality Events

We are corporate VR and AR event specialists so whether you are looking for VR experience for your product launch, exhibition, trade show, conference, or team away day, we are very flexible and can turn any kind of VR event into something exciting and memorable.

We have a lot of experience working with well-known brands and delivering VR events of all sizes around the world. During consultation with our team we can advise the best use of VR for your event or project, ensuring its use is relevant, creative and meets your aims and objectives, typically driving and promoting an innovative experience for your brand.

We offer the full VR event management service, covering equipment, well trained and friendly staff and innovative VR software design.

It is Innovative

VR and AR technologies are developing at an incredibly fast pace and are a huge part of digital transformation in almost every industry. Forward thinking companies are utilizing virtual reality in various ways and within all departments.

People are curious

Virtual reality never fails to grab people’s attention.

Inquisitive minds are naturally drawn to this emerging format – and the engaging experiences it offers capture imaginations and leave a lasting impression.

It is Memorable

VR technology combined with creative design and understanding of human behaviour can create an unforgettable event that everyone will talk about. Using VR to launch your services or products will make your event even more successful.

It energises groups

VR makes people smile, we see it all the time and it can change the tone of an event, lighten the atmosphere, get people talking about experiences they have just shared and energise them.

When shared, it amplifies the experience

Nothing bonds more than shared experiences. Shared VR at your event can amplify the engagement and creates additional opportunities to socialize, especially when you choose to use multiplayer VR experiences.

Huge range of possibilities

We can provide an incredible variety of solutions – from off the shelf-licensed software to bespoke VR and AR content that meets your brands needs perfectly. Whether you want AR holograms for demonstration, VR for fully immersive experience or 360 content for a large audience, we can offer you all of that and much more.

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Case Studies


Fischer had an important company-wide event and commissioned VRE to create a VR application that allowed delegates to use their fixing products and see how they work.

Working closely with their marketing, sales and engineering team VRE created a virtual construction site. This allowed users to try out Fischer products, drill holes and actually fit them, all from the safety of a virtual environment.

Due to health and safety Fischer would normally be restricted from giving this hands-on experience to many users, using VR however massively expands the number of people who can now come into contact with their products and see exactly how easy they are to use and the process for doing so.

Fischer now plan to roll this VR application out as a training tool for their internal staff, with the VR application being suitable for both events, marketing and also training, thus expanding the number of uses for their VR project.

This project demonstrates how VR events can create memorable experiences with users also reporting they know exactly how to use Fischer products now after one quick VR experience.

“We gave VRE quite a broad brief, not knowing anything about virtual reality and the benefits and abilities of the software. The VRE team developed and delivered a bespoke package to the business that exactly suited our requirements, even when we weren’t fully aware of them ourselves. The software platform perfectly emulated a “real life” construction site and the usable items (drills, anchors, cleaning utensils, steel plates) reflected the processes needed for perfect anchor installation. The VRE team really made our first steps into the world of VR much easier. So much so that the business as a whole have decided to further our training resources with the addition of VR.”
– Dan Czerwinski, Head of Marketing

Debenhams Make Up

VRE developed a VR application allowing users to apply a range of makeup and practice a broad set of make up skills.

Working with their marketing and events team we created an experience for a launch event that allowed customers to learn key skills, through experimentation, using their products in a number of different ways and then quickly and easily wiping the results and starting again.

Results from the 3d makeup models were saved and printed allowing guests to capture their work and also aiding dissemination on social media channels.

“We asked the team to build us an interactive and creative platform for our Christmas 2018 Press Show. Despite a very quick turnaround time, they delivered exactly what we were after and helped us to deliver a very successful press day. Thanks VRE team!”
– Shannen, Debenhams Public Relations Team


Working with a major pharmaceuticals company VRE helped them create an AR experience for the Hololens.

This AR experience educated clients with regards the features and benefits of their new innovative product packaging, showing how it prevents missed dosage and improved the reliability and convenience of the process.

VRE developed the content and also deployed this with multiple Hololens, at a show in Munich as part of our joined up content creation and event services.

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