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VR Assessment

VR Assessment – An Engaging Way to Develop or Find Talent

Imagine there was a way to get candidates or existing talent to forget they were being assessed, to be so immersed in an activity that they stop self-monitoring, that individuals start to willingly reveal their true behavioural preferences consciously and sub-consciously. Imagine you can also collect this information automatically, objectively, without bias or complication.

There is no need to imagine this, our VR assessment services provide all this and more. Our team of psychologists have expertise in assessment and virtual reality, we combine the strengths of both to deliver truly unique assessment.

This can be applied in existing teams to develop talent and also in selection applications where you are looking for talent, but need a better way to differentiate between well coached and briefed candidates who on the surface have all the key interpersonal skills you are looking for.

If your forward thinking organisation would like to explore the future of assessment then get it touch.

Why VR for Assessment?

Existing selection methods can work well, whether it is structured competency interviews, elements of psychometric assessment or in-tray exercises or job previews. However in the final stages of selection, intelligent and emotionally savvy candidates can easily distort psychometric assessments, perform very well in interviews and also give a well-managed impression in group activities. An emotionally intelligent candidate will know to briefly demonstrate good listening skills, praise others, not fight for leadership, be very collaborative during the day and this may not be how they will behave in the workplace once they feel established and safe in the role.

We have found the key benefit of VR is the power to draw out their true behavioural preferences in assessment activities, to limit their self-monitoring and give us a clearer view of who they are and how they work with others.

VR has a key part to play in future assessment and we are the specialists in helping companies find the right talent for their organisation using this new methodology.

In-person and Remote from home assessment

We work with clients on their graduate assessment days onsite, providing all the support you need to assess groups of candidates quickly and efficiently. Providing a candidate summary in the wash up at the end of the day alongside your other assessors.

Uniquely with this technology we can also offer a remote from home service, if you wish to assess candidates or develop colleagues we can ship the small headsets to their home address with a pre-printed return label. Allowing you to still safely and conveniently develop or assess individuals during these Covid times.

Unique Combined Assessment from Two Unique Perspectives

When we run assessment days for our clients we collate information from two perspectives. We firstly have psychologists observing the candidates/delegates in the physical room, this is very often forgotten as candidates are completely immersed in the VR world. This gives us some special insights to their communication styles, preferences, body language, team roles, leadership potential as they deliver significant “behavioural leakage”.

The second perspective is given by our psychologists observing in the VR world, looking at individuals contribution to group tasks and their virtual behaviours, interactions with others and collaborative/team related behaviours. We then combine both complimentary perspectives to give clients a well-rounded picture of each individual in the wash up at the end of the day.

A Range of Assessment Solutions and Scenarios

We are able to offer a range of assessment solutions to meet any need that you may have. We can focus on specific competencies or behaviours that are important to your role or culture and can offer a range of off the shelf assessment scenarios or develop new scenarios if required.

We can offer VR assessment for all levels, from graduate selection and development days, to development centres to assessment of senior leaders and their teams. We can help you identify if teams are real teams or pseudo teams and what is the leadership potential across the whole team in question, not just the usual individuals who enjoy it and are experienced at leading.

To find out more, reach out to us below and we will be happy to discuss your assessment project in more detail.

Here’s What Our Clients Say

We wanted to do something really different and memorable for our graduate assessments and VRE worked with us to provide an assessment tool that would create the opportunity to see our graduate candidates operating in a much more ‘real’ environment than traditional graduate selection tools enable.

The virtual reality exercise allowed the assessors to see the candidate’s real behavioural preferences and having access to feedback from a Business Psychologist on the candidate’s performance was really helpful in allowing the manager’s to process their thoughts and add another feedback lens. Our candidates were really positive about the virtual reality experience and it was very much a talking point for all the candidates.

We believe it really helped enable us to stand out against other graduate assessment centres

Suzanne Bray, HR Business Partner, Convexin

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