VR Team Building Fun Day

Reward Your Team with A Virtual Reality Experience

At Virtual Reality Experiences, we’re specialists in using virtual and augmented reality to create fun, exciting and engaging team building experiences.

Our team’s background in corporate training and learning & development position us perfectly to host fun and memorable team building sessions that deliver genuine value to the team.

Using the latest virtual reality technology and an experiential approach to team building, we’re able to deliver VR team building anywhere in Europe, Malaysia and Singapore.

Virtual Reality for Groups of All Sizes

Through our experience, VRE has built up a range of VR activities to suit groups of different sizes.

Whether you’re a small team of only 3-4 participants, or a much larger team or company, we can tailor your VR team building event to suit.

For Small Teams

VRE can provide a range of VR experiences that will give your team the chance to work together in novel and engaging new ways. These fun challenges are best suited to teams of 20 or less.

For Larger Teams

If your team has more than 20 members, we can offer a range of carefully selected VR experiences that are exciting, challenging and are hand-picked to ensure that everyone gets a turn using VR.

We can even custom build a VR experience for your larger team, designing it to meet your exact specification, compliment your industry and develop the competencies that are important to your organisation.

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Our Favourite VR Experiences For Team Building Fun

Here are some of our most popular off-the-shelf VR experiences for team building fun.

Tilt Brush

Competencies – Leadership, communication, problem solving, spatial reasoning

This fascinating and creative VR painting app is one of our favourites because teams tend to find their own unique ways of approaching it.

Tilt Brush allows would-be artists to draw in 3 dimensions, which is trickier than it sounds! While many of us have little experience in creating art, those of us that do have usually been constrained to just two dimensions.

No matter their experience with drawing and painting, team members will find the creative side of their brain stimulated by this activity. Designed to ensure everyone is included, our Tilt Brush activities provide a real lesson in adapting our personal preferences and communication styles in order to effectively work with others.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Competencies – Leadership, communication, planning, problem solving, teamwork

This VP app is popular with organisers who want to see how the team performs under a bit of pressure!

This activity has the goal of seeing how people react in challenging circumstances and how this can reflect how they react to challenging work situations.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes challenges the team to defuse a series of bombs, with each player taking turns to enter the bomb room and defuse the increasingly complex devices. However, the player is completely reliant on their teammates, who are in possession of the bomb manuals, to guide them through the task.

Teams are forced to collaborate in clever ways in order to improve and eventually start to successfully defuse the bombs.

This activity is cognitively challenging so we usually recommend pairing it with a lighter VR experience to allow participants to re-energise!

Fantastic Contraption

Competencies – Creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork

This ingenious VR app gives us all a chance to try our hand at civil engineering!

This easy to use app sees teams building various contraptions with the simple goal of transporting an object to a specified location.

Fantastic Contraption challenges teams to collaborate, assess ideas and think more creatively, while not being shy to wipe the slate clean and start fresh if the current idea isn’t working.

These increasingly challenging puzzles also entertain players with wacky and unique worlds and characters.

Waltz of the Wizard

Competencies – Problem solving, teamwork

Another popular VR activity is Waltz of the Wizard, which sees teams step into the shoes of a newly qualified wizard facing the challenge of quicky solving a series of magic themed puzzles.

Delegates tend to enjoy playing with the magic, making items fly through the air with the wave of a wand, as well as benefiting from working together to share problem solving ideas and develop better communication skills.

Richie’s Plank Experience

Although Richie’s Plank Experience is played one player at a time, we’ve found this VR app a worthwhile choice for team building days because it brings teams together after a day of VR challenges.

With one person walking out on a plank at the top of a virtual skyscraper, the rest of the team are able to observe on a big screen, decompress and enjoy their colleagues’ reactions to this hair-raising experience!

Encouraging one another and laughing together makes this a great activity for team bonding. A great way to round off an event.

Other Non-VR Training Services For Your Team Building Day

VRE’s business psychologists and learning & development professionals have created and executed management training programmes across a range of business types.

With that in mind, clients often ask us to also run the non-VR elements of their team building days.

We’re more than happy to oblige and see clients benefit from our expertise, applied to both their VR and non-VR activities.

If you’re planning a team building event or would just like to know more about the VR services we can provide to your team, please contact us today.

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VR Team Building Case Studies

JP Morgan

JP Morgan required a fun and engaging team building day, VRE was able to provide a range of VR experiences that challenged their teams and also provided a very entertaining day for their staff as a reward for their hard work.


VRE were engaged to provide an team building event for their teams, this ranged from group VR activities where team members had to work together through to competitive VR experiences that raised the energy levels further as teams and individuals competed.

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