Our Event Process

Event brief and creative discussion

Firstly, we establish your objectives, what is practical and feasible for your budget. We will also tell you if we think VR is not the best solution (we have done this in the past) but generally speaking we are always able to provide some great ideas for using VR and AR as creativity is one of our strengths. We then identify whether off the shelf licensed software would meet your event needs or if it’s better to design your own VR content to match your brief exactly.

We think experience is key when it comes to VR as it is very hard to explain how it feels to use it, so we try and get our clients to try it out early on, in fact in our first scoping meetings it is the first thing we do as it answers a large number of questions immediately with selected content that we use. To this end we are happy to come to your office to demo VR and AR for event planning, so you can see for yourself the impact it can have and get an idea of how the virtual environment feels.

Event planning

We take care of every detail – from conception, to creative design to event logistics. Our team have extensive experience with all types of events so we know what needs to be done and importantly when.

For your event we can also work with your other event partners, offering technical support and advice especially with vendors unfamiliar with this technology. We know how the equipment works best, the more effective configurations and also any potential issues due to equipment location so we can make sure it runs smoothly on the day.

Event delivery

We will agree a early set up time with you on the day of the event to ensure there is plenty of calibration time and to ensure we can adapt to any last minute requests on the day.

At the event our skilled and friendly facilitators will provide your guests or teams with a memorable and entertaining day and keep in touch to ensure you are updated on event progress.

We can also run special competitions, or create additional features to enable guest contact details to be captured so they can then be followed up and contacted after the event.